When was the last time you checked your real waistline?

Measure your waistline or waist circumference along your navel or belly button. Make sure you do not have any belt or clothing along this area. Relax.

To be more consistent, measure it around the level of the uppermost border of your hipbone. Use the side along your index finger and thumb to find this. Watch the video below for more details. This will help you measure the same spot as you lose weight.

If your belly is big, the area above or below your waist circumference may shrink first before you lose inches / centimeters along your waist. So, also measure the circumference two inches ABOVE and the circumference two inches BELOW your waist.

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Gender Increased Risk High Risk
Men - Not Asian 94 - 101 cm >= 102 cm
Men - Asian - >= 90 cm
Women - not Asian 80 - 87 cm >= 88 cm
Women - Asian - >= 80 cm
Gender Increased Risk High Risk
Men - Not Asian 37 - 40 inches >= 40 inches
Men - Asian - >= 35 inches
Women - not Asian 31 - 35 inches >= 35 inches
Women - Asian - >= 32 inches

Monitoring these measurements is a very easy way of checking the progress of your weight loss experience. You will be happy when you start feeling your clothes getting a bit loose. You will be happier when people notice that you are losing weight!

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Info bits: According to the World Heart Federation, your body circumference can also tell you if you are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

View this video on how to correctly measure your waistline.

Courtesy of Heart & Stroke Foundation

It's best for you to get your weight, body mass index (BMI), waist-hip ratio (WHR), and body fat percentage. You can also measure and record other parts of your body. These will be your baseline values in your weight-loss program as well as your lifelong health journey.

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